Kometa has been at client’s service since 1998, offering specialist consultancy for the design and production of silver jewelry and jewelry of other materials.
We will be ready and pleased to support you in every creative phase, from the design development  of your own idea, to the conception of entire collections according to, and based on geographical target and commercial trends.
The entire production is followed internally, and complies with high qualitative and technological standards in order to provide a product which will be perfect in every detail and duplicate.



Each and every project comes from an internal design. Whether it is a customer idea developed with the advice of our designers or a commissioned collection, you will recognize our unique Italian style envied all over the world for the quality of the details and our knowledge in the metalworking art.

We constantly monitor the markets around the world to always be at the forefront in proposing new models that keep up with the increasingly specific requests of the demand. This is the reason why we renew our collections several times during the year doing our best to offer a product that always anticipates fashion.



The design phase goes through the construction of a 2D or 3D CAD render, thanks to that which is already made possible to imagine the jewelry in its entirety and from every angle. During this phase it is easier to make structural changes or enrich the details. To offer a complete experience of the designed object, we also carry out 3D prototyping in different materials. Our state of the art machinery will make it possible for you to physically touch the finished product with your own hands and make a fully conscious evaluation of it within a few hours.



We have the most advanced machinery, especially for silver processing where we are among the most innovative companies in Italy for technological knowledge. We are always looking for a design that goes beyond the mundanity of certain models to embrace a new idea of volume that enhances the jewelry line. For this reason, to overcome the problem of the third dimension of flat cut objects, we create molds of the model when necessary, whether it is a semi-finished or finished product, to reach an incredibly realistic depth.

Each production phase is carried out internally in order to guarantee perfection, from the raw silver to the delivered product. The internal galvanic allows us to speed up production times so that, right after the galvanic bath, the object is carefully finished, equipped with the last elements (chains, counter links, etc.) and immediately packaged as required in order to avoid scratches and imperfections. Order management through our own software allows us to monitor every single gram, from order to delivery.